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Hünkarsuyu Plateau was established on an area of 178,000 square meters in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul, formerly operating as a monastery, then started to serve as a hunting lodge in 1892.

Hünkarsuyu Pavilion Bringing together the plateau history and nature, Hünkar Suyu Pavilion is a unique place with its fresh air and eye-catching concepts…

Kibrithane Plato has both an indoor shooting area and a wide open area for Wedding and Engagement shootings. It is necessary to make an appointment in advance, as it is in high demand with the concept of indoor outdoor shooting.

 Kbrithane Plato Clip

Hünkarsuyu Pavilion Plato It is a historical place that will make you say "Everything is as we dreamed", which allows you to breathe in the open air with many concept alternatives in photo shoots.