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Kalenderhane Plato is located in Fatih district on the European side of Istanbul. It is surrounded by Molla Hüsrev in the north, Zeyrek in the west, Kemal Pasha in the south and Süleymaniye in the east.

Kalenderhane, which is one of the few indoor outdoor shooting plateaus in Istanbul, has gained the appreciation of Brides and Grooms in a short time with its historical texture.

Kalenderhane plateau Fatih The outdoor shooting plateau is actually a closed historical building. However, it has two indoor winter gardens and an open garden. When the weather is nice, you can of course take photos in the open garden.

 Kalenderhane Plato Clip

The concepts in the closed sections of the kalederhane plateau and the historical texture of the building attract brides and grooms and provide beautiful photographs in beautiful concepts. It is among the useful indoor outdoor shooting locations that can be preferred when weather conditions such as rain, snow and cold are unsuitable for outdoor shooting!